Virginie Martin - Psychologue FSP

About me

I chose to study psychology because I am convinced that behind every reaction and emotion there is a “good reason” to find. We all have a personal and family history, we are all shaped by our experiences, and I found it fascinating to discover the immersed part of the iceberg, bringing a new understanding of our daily life.

From the beginning of my journey as a psychologist, I am specially interested in couple relationships, and have written my thesis on depression and interactional styles between partners.

I believe that a couple relationship is a place full of potential, connexion, love, and intimacy, but closeness also means potentially being hurt by the partner. When the connexion is lost, that conflict or indifference takes up too much space, then a third person can help find another way of communication and walk along with the couple to find back this loving space.

I had the privilege to meet very different people on humanitarian trips, from refugees in Greece to poor elderly in the Bangkok slums. Every encounter hit me with the same realization: beyond our life paths, where we are from and where we are at now, we all are human and we all have the same emotional range and the same need and ability to connect.

These different principles led me throughout my professional journey, as a child care educator, or with parents asking for help at the child protection service for instance, and I keep applying them daily as a psychologist.


I am a member of the following associations:

Fédération Suisse des Psychologues (FSP)

Association Vaudoise des Psychologues (AVP)

Swiss Society for Emotion Focused Therapies (EFT-CH)