Virginie Martin - Psychologue FSP

Emotion Focused Therapy

For individuals

Our relational experiences shape the way we see others and ourselves, and we build inner filters, that may be unconscious, that play a role in our interactions.

Thus, we all feel either safe and trusting, or threatened and insecure in our relationships with others and ourselves.

The goal of therapy is to explore your current situation and emotions, such as depression or anxiety, through the lense of these filters, and then create corrective experiences.

They will allow you to feel more safety and confidence towards others and yourself.

For couples

Often, pain in a couple relationship comes from the feeling of each partner that they somehow lack love, acknowledging, or validation, despite what the partner does or doesn’t do.

This lack is expressed by anger, frustration, or a withdrawal of the relationship, and the couple is stuck in a repeating “dance” that brings suffering.

The goal of therapy is to understand this dance, the underlying emotions and the deep longing needs of each partner, and then create safety to express them differently.

New experiences allow us to learn and restore the deep connection that was lost.